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Seeing that reblog really brought back memories. This scene is so intense and darkly beautiful. Watch it if you love dancing, fucked up couples or gorgeous people in 1920’s clothing. From the song, to the blood on the ground to the blind-folded musicians, it’s one of my favorite movie scenes. And in general VDO dancing like that is fucking hot as shit.

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Imagine This

Imagine being fast asleep and then all of sudden you hear a loud bang on your front door. Naturally you get up to see who it is, when you open the door, your mouth drops open. You close the door and open it again several times, then rub your eyes and when your eyes begins to water you open them wide, you faint. When you wake up your on your couch and your head is spinning, you breath slowly while telling yourself what you saw was not real. As your eyes travel around the room you come across the two figures that were at your door earlier, you scream. 'I need a drink, yea a good strong drink' you say to yourself, the figures look at each other. 'Look I was told to come here and you would straighten this out' figure one stated, a questionable expression spreads across your face, 'who told you to come here' you ask, 'you did' figure one states. Now your confused, this has to be a dream, before you are two characters from movies, figure one is tall with broad shoulders and long curly hair, the other figure is a little shorter with short hair. To make sure you aren't imagining things you ask figure one and two their name, figure one says 'Valentino' while the other answers 'Tick'. Before you say anything you get another knock at the front door. When you open the door you scream 'this cannot be happening', for at the door stood Robert Goren, Agent Smith, Abbie Hoffman, and V.
Should I continue?

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"F U L L   M E T A L   J A C K E T"  (1987)

based on the novel "The Short Timers" by Gustav Hasford    screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, Michael Herr and Gustav Hasford    directed by Stanley Kubrick    cinematography David Misome (lighting cameraman)

starring  Matthew Modine as “Joker”   Vincent D’Onofrio as “Gomer Pyle”   Arliss Howard as “Cowboy”   R. Lee Ermey as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman    Kevin Major Howard as “Rafterman”    Papillon Soo as “Love You Long Time”    John Terry as news editor Lieutenant Lockhart     Bruce Boa as Poge Colonel    Adam Baldwin as “Animal Mother”    Dorian Harewood as “Eightball”   Kieron Jechinnis as “Crazy Earl”    Ngoc Le as Viet Cong sniper

(116 minutes; Warner Bros.)